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meet fleurs de mae.

Welcome to fleurs de mae, a boutique floral studio for weddings and private events

founded by myself, Mae Duhig.

I've always been an aesthetic person, but I first found my unique love for flowers while studying literature at Christendom College in the shadow of the Shenandoah mountains. The valley's natural flora won my heart over my books, and after designing several close friends' wedding bouquets,

I knew floral design was my calling. 


I left school early to pursue my design dreams in the nation's capital, at first volunteering in local D.C. flower shops. With persistence, I was eventually promoted to the position of Lead Designer at one of Georgetown's most elite shops, UltraViolet Flowers, where my clientele included Presidential Cabinet members, Supreme Court justices, and foreign ambassadors.


With several years of experience and an intimate knowledge of both flowers and the industry, I ultimately decided it was time for my own venture. In May 2023, with the support of beloved colleagues, friends, and family,  fleurs de mae was born.

My mission is to use my love and talent for handcrafted floral creations to repay the communities and those who have made my business possible. Because, after all, no flower can bloom without roots. More than anything, to borrow from one of my favorite poets, I hope to "give beauty back, back to God, beauty's self and beauty's giver."

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